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Bill Paying Services

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Sort and Process Personal Mail

  • 1. Collect, sort and forward mail
  • 2. Recycle junk or outdated mail/paperwork
  • 3. Establish filing systems
  • 4. Bring important documents to your attention
Bill Paying Service

Identify and Pay Bills

  • 1. Set up and monitor on-line bill pay system or
  • 2. Prepare checks for client or relative to sign
  • 3. Review and/or balance checkbooks
  • 4. Reconcile bank statements
  • 5. Resolve duplicate check payments
  • 6. Handle disputes with providers

Banking and Identifying Fraud

  • 1. Maintain organization of bank records
  • 2. Prepare and deliver bank deposits
  • 3. Identify “red flags” such as large transfers of funds
  • 4. Review bank statements in order to detect potential financial abuse or fraud
  • 5. Check e-mails for fraudulent activity

Organize and Prepare Records for Income Tax Purposes

  • 1. Set-up Household Bookkeeping & Filing Systems
  • 2. Maintain financial records
  • 3. Gather documents for tax returns,
  • 4. Provide periodic financial reports and information to the Client or their Responsible Parties
  • 5. Preparing budgets
  • 6. Provide shredding services to prevent identity fraud
  • 7. Coordinate with Accountants, Attorneys & Other Professionals
  • 8. Act as liaison between clients, their families and community resources

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