Senior Connect™ – Home Health Monitoring (HHM)

Senior Connect™ – Home Health Monitoring (HHM)

Senior Connect™ – Home Health Monitoring (HHM)

Get to know SENIOR CONNECT™.


SENIOR CONNECT™ platform uses remote patient monitoring technology enabling seniors with severe chronic diseases or conditions to monitor their blood pressure and other health factors from the comfort of their homes and share this information electronically with their healthcare provider(s) and/or caregivers. Tracking the patients’ results on a regular basis, the healthcare team can adjust treatments as required. In the longer term, get to know SENIOR CONNECT™.


SENIOR CONNECT™ provides guidance to seniors in order to help them learn to live with their life-long conditions.



Senior Connect™ offers seniors:


  • Access to a standalone tablet that can be used from the comfort of their home to take and record through Bluetooth enabled devices the following biometrics: blood pressure; weight; insulin levels; oxygen levels and body temperature.
  • Use of an intuitive, step-by-step online assessment tool to record for your caregivers and family physician, your answer to individual questions, specific to your condition, for their review and assessment.
  • The system can capture the health data which is in turn, shared with the healthcare provider.


Senior Connect™ offers to healthcare professionals:


  • Access to real-time medical results on their patients, allowing clinicians to tailor workflows, protocols and interventions and creating customized care plans according to a patient’s condition and status.
  • Easy analysis of results, empowering them to adjust treatment based on best-practice guidelines and protocols.
  • Immediate alerts and notifications that can be triggered from patients results (i.e. high blood pressure alert).
  • Ability to make an online video chat to the patient through proprietary HIPAA compliant medical approved software.


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