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Hiring a Nanny Step by Step

Families Guide to Success

We make it easy to find the perfect child care/nanny for your family. Before we send a nanny’s/caregiver’s profile to you, we ensure the following pre-screening requirements have been met:

  • 1. Review their resume
  • 2. 19 years or older
  • 3. A clear Criminal Record Check
  • 4. Current CPR and First Aid certification
  • 5. Childcare resume with two years childcare experience (minimum)
  • 6. At least two positive reference letters with direct contact information
  • 7. Driving record
  • 8. Photo identification
  • 9. Legally authorized to work in Canada
Child Care Nanny

We aim to match each family to the perfect childcare/elder care professional. When you can’t be with your child, we’ll find a local nanny/caregiver to provide the highest level of care possible. You can be rest assured that any nanny/caregiver you select from us is trustworthy, caring, and experienced. To get started, simply contact us for a free one hour appointment and we’ll handle the rest.

Hire a Child Care Provider/Nanny

Here’s how the process works, step-by-step. Most of our client engagements follow this pattern:

Painless Paperwork

Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll ask you to sign and email back our Client-Agency Agreement form.

To get started with Full Circle Home Care, our consultant will then provide you with a list of questions for you to complete


Full Circle Home Care will work with you to determine your family needs.

What are your working hours? How many children do you have? Do you need a nanny who can drive and own a car? Do you require housekeeping? We ask you the right questions so you get the right and perfect match for your family.

Shortly after that, we’ll send you a tailored Job Description and several brief Child Care Provider Profiles on candidates we’ve selected for you. Every nanny will be compassionate, qualified and ready to work at reasonable rates.

Arrange for Interviews

Get to know our pre-interviewed nannies/caregivers. Full Circle Home Care finds nanny/caregivers with great personalities, skills and
interests meet your family specific needs and requests.

After reviewing the profiles, we’ll help you arrange interviews with the candidates you’ve chosen. We’ll set times that work for your schedule,
possibly scheduling multiple interviews in one day if convenient.

Screening & Background Checks

We pre-screen, interview and begin safety training and reference checks on nannies early on in our process. However, once you have selected a final candidate we may need five business days to finalize their professional reference and criminal background checks. First Aid/CPR training is typically completed within the first month of service if not sooner.

The Family-Caregiver Agreement

Now that the interviews are behind you and you’ve found the perfect nanny, the next, and very important, step is to iron out a work contract / agreement that works for you and your new caregiver.

This document includes specifics on your nanny’s duties, her salary, work hours, paid time off (PTO) days, and more.

The more clearly defined this agreement is the fewer misunderstandings are likely to happen down the road.

Don’t worry; we’ll discuss each aspect of this document with you when the time comes. Moreover, you and your nanny can always revise the agreement
at a later date.

After "DAY ONE"

Once your nanny has begun working in your home, we’ll check in periodically with her and with you to make sure everything’s going well. We are in a perfect position to help solve any misunderstandings that may pop up early on, so please call when you need us.

Training Before, Training After

Most of our required safety training will be complete by the caregiver’s first day of service or earlier. However, depending on your family’s unique circumstances we may ask the nanny to do additional trainings (in person or online) after she has begun service.

By the end of her first month of service (if not much sooner), your nanny will also have completed an in-person Red Cross Infant First Aid/CPR training course.Throughout the year we will also send your nanny safety reminders, activity ideas, recipes and more.

Stay Connecte

If you have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call or email us. We sincerely care about our clients and nannies/caregivers – so we’ll be sure to keep in touch occasionally too see how your family and the nanny/caregiver are doing.

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