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Who better to tell you about how Senior Connect has allowed seniors to age in place than our customers…

Please note that we take the privacy of our users very seriously so we are unable to provide the full names and/or locations with some of our testimonials. Please be rest assured that these are real Senior Connect users that were quoted directly as part of an independent user review survey. If you have any questions please contact us.


~ Technology for an Aging Parent ~

We signed up for Senior Connect 6 months ago for my Mom who is 83 and she can’t get around much. She lives alone and is quite a distance from me.

My mother is totally computer illiterate and although she was reluctant at first to even look at the tablet device, she now is in love with it!

Once she saw how easy it was to work it, she now sits in front of it waiting for pictures, videos, secure messaging, and video chats from her grandchildren. And she loves the medication reminders I set up for her. And she now knows how to respond to letters and messages. It has opened up a whole new world for her and Senior Connect is now a very welcome member of our family.

Also, I must add that the customer support is top notch. Whenever I have a problem, issue or question, the support team continues to provide friendly, professional , knowledgeable, and trustworthy service and advice.

Thank you Full Circle Home Care for putting a smile on my Mother’s face and keeping her “connected”.

~Barbara Levy, Montreal ~
~ Senior Connect ~

“Glenn, thank you. We LOVE the Senior Connect system! I’ve been telling everyone about it and giving demos to my friends with elderly parents. It has improved my mom’s quality of life because she feels more in touch with her family and friends. I can’t say enough good things.”

~ Joyce Rosenthal, Toronto ~
~ Less Stress, More Quality Time ~

“I’m really enjoying my Senior Connect tablet. It’s a great way to get messages and pictures from friends and family. I’ve never used a computer before and I’ve got other things to do than learn the latest at my age but my Senior Connect system is so easy I don’t have to learn anything.”

~ Sherri Bateman, 84 Year Old Grandmother ~
~ Reducing the Stress of Long Distance Caregiving ~

“We live out of town, so when it came time to finding assistance for our dad I knew we needed someone we could trust.

Senior Connect is amazing. It is easy-to-use and very effective. My sister and I both felt so much more at ease getting text message alerts when our dad hadn’t taken his medication. It also allowed us to communicate with him socially rather than just as caregivers. This device is brilliantly conceived and designed, and it can really help provide more peace of mind to family members concerned about elderly loved ones.”

~ Mark & Susan Berall, Vancouver ~
~ Providing Peace of Mind when Caring for a Parent ~

“I receive updates daily letting me know that my mother has successfully checked in, this provides a great deal of peace of mind for me… As my parents live an hour out of town and it’s comforting to know each morning that they are up and doing fine. My Mom especially enjoys being able to receive pictures of the children and her friends. And soon we will fully utilize the medication monitoring system which will prove to be quite helpful as she is on quite a bit of medication. I especially like the fact that this product is so user-friendly. Although my mother worked in a corporate environment, she never utilized a computer so having a simple touch screen has made the use of this product very easy for her.”

~ Mr. Peter Holland, Ottawa ~
~ Senior Connect Help Make My Mom's Return Home Possible ~

“My mother would never have been able to return to her own home if it hadn’t been for the Senior Connect System.  We signed up for the Senior Connect system as soon as my mom was diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer’s/dementia and it has made such a positive difference in her life!  The idea of having a computer did not sit well with her at all and she’s never been interested in pictures on a computer/tablet screen. But within 6 weeks she used the call me button as an easy way to contact family. She struggled knowing what day it was and having that on the screen calmed her and within 2 months she asked for new pictures and videos. She couldn’t remember when meals were served but the events button lets her check her schedule.  Plus, having a notification reminding her about meals or other events has given her a sense of control.  Senior Connect has given my Mom a sense of control over her life and you’ll have given me peace of mind too. Thank you!”

~ Ms. Kopstick, Mississauga ~

“I am 81 years old and live alone. Two of my children live in other provinces and you cannot imagine how our lives have changed since one of my children has given me a Senior Connect system. We can speak daily, seeing each other. My son lives next door and works down the street. He can be here in minutes if I need him or send pictures while he is on vacation. I hope that you have realized how very wonderful these would be in nursing homes whose lives could be changed as mine have… THE MOST AMAZING THING IS THAT IT IS SO EASY TO USE. You should advertise it more.”

~ Freddie McCann, Toronto ~
~ The Support You Need When You Need It ~

“Senior Connect is exactly what we needed to manage home care – it’s a brilliant device. It really helps provide more peace of mind.”

~ Brenda Gross, Client’s daughter ~

“For some people getting to the phone is a pain even if it’s next to them – with Senior Connect, I can send them a message and it’s going to pop-up right in front of them.”

~ Daughter of a 90 year old Senior Connect User ~
~ Finally a Technology That Was Designed for Seniors! ~

“Learning to use the Senior Connect tablet instant! Very easy, only a few buttons to work with, it took very little time for me to understand how to work the device.”

~ 82 year old Grandfather ~

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