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Family-centered service is made up of a set of values, attitudes, and approaches to services for clients with special needs and their families. Family-centered service recognizes that each family is unique; that the family is the constant in our client’s life; and that they are the experts on the client’s abilities and needs. Full Circle Home Care works closely with the family to make informed decisions about the services and support the client and family receive. In family-centered service, the strengths and needs of all involved family members are considered. Studies have shown that health outcomes and levels of satisfaction are improved with this model of care. This is why this model is widely used at major health facilities across the America.

Understanding and respecting clients’ cultural traditions, their personal preferences and values, their family situations, and their lifestyles.

Giving clients and their families the opportunity to make choices about many aspects of their care and the care delivery process.

Involving clients and their loved ones as part of the care team, collaborating with agency management and other clinical practitioners to make optimal choices in the delivery of care.

Ensuring that transitions between providers, health care settings, and the home are respectful, coordinated, and efficient.

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