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Benefits of Having a Nanny versus Worries about Daycare

The Nanny Advantage:

Parents who have good nannies swear by them. A nanny can be a wonderful experience assuming that you have a good relationship and respect and trust
each other. Over time, they become like a member of our family.

Parents who hire a nanny don’t have to deal with the family politics of relying on a relative or with the hassle of daily pickups and drop-offs at a center.

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Getting to stay at home :

Take the stress out of your morning routing by knowing you don’t need to bundle your baby out the door every day. With a nanny, your baby stays in familiar surroundings, and she/he can nap and eat on their own schedule.

One-on-one care :

Parents frequently say it’s comforting to know their child doesn’t have to vie with other children for attention as she would in a daycare setting. Nannies provide one-to-one care in the family home, so it is similar to the type of care a child would receive from a parent.

Flexibility :

Scheduling can also be more flexible with a nanny than with a daycare center that closes at the same time every day. When you hire a nanny, discuss in advance how you’ll handle last-minute changes. That way, you’ll know how much wiggle room the nanny has in her schedule, and the nanny will know what the pay rate will be for the extra time.

Reduce the Stress of Returning to Work :

Employing childcare in the home allows a child to adjust more gradually to parents returning to work. Although the primary caregiver is away, the surroundings remain the same, and the child can enjoy the familiarity and security of being at home.

Back-Up When Your Child is Sick :

One of the most common nightmares that you might find as a working parent is the conflict that arises when you are expected at work, say for an important meeting, and your child falls ill. Employing a nanny eliminates this worry, as they will be in place during the day to take care of your child, who will not have to go anywhere.

In short, the benefits of a nanny are:

  • 1. A lot less stress in your life
  • 2. YOU choose the person who will be influencing your child’s development
  • 3. Personalized childcare matched to your child’s needs and your instruction
  • 4. Consistent care in the comfort of your own home
  • 5. Individual stimulation and education for your child
  • 6. Occasional evening and weekend coverage
  • 7. Families often benefit by having someone who helps with housework and meal preparation
  • 8. New cultural experiences for your family
  • 9. Flexibility – you determine the schedule

Common Problems with Daycare
  • 1. Transportation needed to and from daycare
  • 2. Frequent staff changes at the daycare
  • 3. Restrictive hours of operation
  • 4. Mad morning rush
  • 5. The end of day panic
  • 6. Exorbitant late fees
  • 7. High childcare ratio
  • 8. Fear of a sick call for immediate pick-up during the day
  • 9. Having a sick child at home
  • 10. Lack of quality time with your children
  • 11. Who is going to help keep your house tidy?
  • 12. Who is going to help do the laundry?
  • 13. What’s for dinner?
  • 14. Sick call for immediate pick up

If you would like to apply to be a nanny please fill out our online nanny application


If you would like to apply to have a nanny please fill out our online family application for a nanny


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