Did you know that recent research reveals there’s a surprisingly strong link between social needs and health—even longevity? In one survey, four out of five physicians (85 percent) report that unmet social needs directly lead to worse health. The doctors say a patient’s social needs are just as important to address as their medical conditions. If these physicians could write prescriptions to cover their patients’ social needs, these scripts would account for 1 out of every 7 prescriptions they’d write.

Of course, your aging parent’s physician cannot write a prescription to cure their isolation and loneliness. Overcoming these emotional challenges can be difficult for seniors, especially if they live alone. As seniors age, they often lose touch with others due to special circumstances that limit their ability to travel, drive a car or otherwise stay connected to family and friends.

But there is an answer. For many seniors, home care fills the social gap created by growing older. Senior home companions monitor and protect a senior’s safety, health and wellness, handle everyday household tasks—and provide much-needed social interaction. Elderly companions meet an aging parent’s social needs by providing supportive conversation, helping to plan social outings and providing a little friendly encouragement to do light exercise and stay mentally active.

Companionship Includes:

Friendly & Supportive Conversation

Seniors often long to reminisce—to relive happy memories, affirm who they are, or gain insights about their life. When your senior parent longs to reminisce about life experiences, favorite personal stories or grandchildren, an in-home companion caregiver can be there as a friendly and attentive listener.

Plan & Encourage Social Activities

Staying active and maintaining a level of independence is important for the health and happiness of your senior parent. Our home companions, who are here to make the best of every moment for your family member or loved one, help plan visits with family and friends, play dates with children, trips to the zoo, shopping sprees, crafts and scrapbooking, or even help scheduling vacations.

Encourage Light Exercise

We all know that exercise is a key to good health, but it may especially be true for seniors. By participating in activities seniors enjoy, they can gain greater mobility, quality of life and independence. Nevertheless, they still may need a little motivation. Our senior companions can accompany your family member on walks and encourage regular light exercise.

Encourage Active Thinking

Research now shows staying mentally active can ward off much of the mental decline we associate with aging. As part of our companion services for seniors, our home companions can help structure pastimes, hobbies and games to keep your senior parent interactive, engaged and stimulated.

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