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Our Placement Guarantee

Gold Level Search

For our Gold level clients, Full Circle Home Care provides a six month replacement guarantee which commences on the nanny’s first day of work.

If the nanny/caregiver leaves the position or things are not working between the family and the Nanny, Full Circle will be responsible for replacement for no charge. This doesn’t mean that you must make a decision on a new applicant within this time, but a replacement search must be initiated.

Child Care Nanny
Platinum Level Search

For our Platinum level clients, Full Circle Home Care provides a full one year replacement guarantee which commences on the employees first work day. As with the Gold level clients, a replacement search must be initiated within one year but there is no limit on how long you can look for your new nanny for.

Temporary search

All of our temporary placements are guaranteed for the duration of the assignment.

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