Healthcare Professionals – Partner with Us

Healthcare Professionals – Partner with Us

Healthcare Professionals


Deciding if SENIOR CONNECT™ is right for your patient?

  • Does your patient need in-home assistance?
  • Is your patient resistant to leaving their home?
  • Have family members come to you with concern for your patient’s safety at home?
  • Does your patient need a little more help, but isn’t ready for assisted living?
  • Are you ready to discharge your patient, but aren’t confident that they will follow the post-discharge plan?


Advantages for Providers


  • In home telehealth support proven to reduce readmissions rate
  • Availability to improve outcomes through access to real-time data
  • Monitors changes in behavior and physical health
  • Full Circle Home Care’s support team focuses on family dynamics and which in-home support options would allow you to eliminate unnecessary communication and focus more on the medical condition.
  • Summarized version/report of pertinent information: efficiency is increased.

When you partner with Full Circle Home Care, you support your patients in self-managing their health and staying connected with their family members. The SENIOR CONNECT™ system reports and monitors all changes in your client’s physical health and behavior. SENIOR CONNECT™ technology, combined with our coordinated patient support plan, is the best comprehensive program for your patient to support their independence at home.


Contact the Full Circle Home Care team today to learn more about how SENIOR CONNECT can provide your patients with a new option for in-home independence.

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