Certifications & Associations

When looking for the right in-home care provider for your loved one, finding a company that has been certified by reputable accrediting bodies will give you the peace of mind of knowing that the company has undergone an intensive screening and monitoring process to ensure compliance with ethical practices and standards of care. Full Circle Home Care is a certified member of the following accreditation agencies: Age-Friendly Business; Better Business Bureau (BBB); Ontario Home Care Association;  Canadian Association on Gerontology.  These are leading accreditation organizations in the home care industry, committed to ensuring its member-providers deliver quality home care to seniors and people with disabilities.

Age-Friendly Business


Businesses hold a special role in our communities, and play a vital part in creating an atmosphere in their community that is welcoming, safe, and respectful.

Business owners have come to recognize that our world is aging, and many sought us out to gain insight into how they can connect better with their aging customers to ensure they have an even more engaging and positive customer experience. The Certified Age-Friendly Business (CAFB)® Foundation Course was developed to respond to these requests.

Designed for business owners and their staff, the Foundation Course serves as an introduction to some of the age-related changes many customers can experience. From Ageism and arthritis to Alzheimers, vision and hearing loss to increases in IQ and creativity, this course sifts the myths from reality and provides real life scenarios with recommendations you can implement the very next day.

When all members of the team serving the public complete this online dynamic 2 hour interactive module, each team member receives a certificate of completion and the business becomes a Certified Age-Friendly Business (CAFB)®. All businesses must agree to abide by the Age-Friendly Business Code of Service.


Sterling BackCheck


The Complete BackCheck™ has long been a benchmark for pre-employment screening in Canada. In some industries, The Complete BackCheck™ reveals red flags on 60% of candidates.

Founded in 1997, BackCheck specializes in pre-employment background checks, including Criminal Record Checks and Criminal Record Search, Credit Bureau Inquiries, Investigative Reference Checks, Employment Verifications, Education Verifications, and Driver Abstracts. With thousands of clients ranging in size from under 50 to over 150,000 employees, BackCheck is a leading provider of pre-employment screening.

By leveraging economies of scale, BackCheck is able to deliver consistent results at prices below clients’ in-house cost. BackCheck conducts checks on a global basis, for client organizations based in North America, the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe. Our team of over 400 university educated People, our efficient and privacy compliant Processes and our easy to use Technology have combined to perform over 3 million Reference Checks and over 3 million Criminal Record Checks for thousands of organizations in all industry sectors.

Our goal is to protect our clients from employing fraudulent, dishonest, or otherwise unsuitable candidates and to assist each client to have a better understanding of who they are hiring into their organization. Once you begin doing business with BackCheck, we will provide you with the highest level of service in order to make this happen.

In April 2012, BackCheck joined Sterling Infosystems to become the leading and largest provider of background checking services for both Canada and the United States.  The combination makes us truly a North American Leader – offering more value, more technology innovation and improved access to services on both sides of the border.

BackCheck is the industry leader in:

  • Disclosure and consent practices
  • Physical and data security
  • Secure online report delivery
  • Human rights and privacy compliance


BackCheck stands behind all services with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Our own references will be happy to take your calls regarding our services and performance.

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